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The Town of Aritzo


    ADDRESS: Via Marconi (c/- the primary school )-tel.0784/629803
    OPENING TIMES: Monday closed, the other days of the week 10:00/13:00 - 15:00/18:00 (in winter) and 10:00/13:00 - 16:00/19:00 (in summer)
    PRICE OF TICKET: €1,55 - under 18 and over 65 years old free entrance
    MANAGEMENT: Youth association " Giuramentu"
    OPENING YEAR: beginning of 1980s
    NUMBER OF ROOMS: 5 rooms plus corridor
    NUMBER OF ITEMS: about 3.500 catalogued
    ORIGIN OF THE ITEMS: Spontaneous donations of fans; purchases of the Aritzo Town Council; items owned by the association " Giuramentu "

  • OLD PRISONS "Sa Bovida"

    ADDRESS: Via Carceri - tel.0784/629803
    OPENING TIMES: On appointment
    PRICE OF TICKET: - €1,55 - under 18 and over 65 years old the ticket is free
    MANAGEMENT: Youth Association "Giuramentu"

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Pastoral sector
the whole process of milk workmanship is represented, from the milking to the conservation and to the production of the different types of cheeses. The whole typology of cowbells is exhibited, with all their sound productions; the necessary tools for the cattle marking are exhibited.

Weaving sector:
the whole operative chain is represented: from the clipping to the carding, to the spinning and weaving with various handmade articles on display: sheet in coarse woollen fabric, blankets, carpet and ancient looms.
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Crafts sector:
the various artisan shops are represented. The operative chain of wax making is well visible; from the extraction of the honeycomb from the beehive, to the separation of the honey, the melting of the wax and finally the production of the candles and their decoration.
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Itinerant business sector
This was carried out by the selling the products from the forest: chestnuts, walnuts, rough and worked wood, etc. but above all with the production of " Sa Carapigna" (delightful lemon sorbet made with traditional methods characteristic of Aritzo )


Antique lemon sorbet.
This product was for a long time the training element of the town's economy and it was present in all the festivals around the island.
It was made by the "carapigneris" since the first half of the last centry. The snow was collected on the mountains of Aritzo and kept in deep holes of 3-4 metres covered in straw, ferns, branches and soil. Still today, but sporadicly, it is possible to taste it in the town festivals.

Sorbet machines in tin or zinc, filters and linen
trimmings for the making of "Sa Carapigna"

The kitchen
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Magical-religious culture :
Su Juramentu. A cluster of bronze medallions with images of saints and a crucifix used to settle controversies about cattle crossing borders, cattle raids and on which the committing of perjury could involve deadly consequences. Certainly heritage of an old ordeal proof.

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