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The museum of Aritzo

  • ARITZO - The Town

    INHABITANTS: 1.538
    HEIGHT: 850 metres above sea level
    SURFACE: 75,60 sq km
    - second Sunday in August - Festivity of Sant'Isidoro and festival of "Sa Carapigna" (preparation and tasting of lemon sorbet made by a particular conservation of the snow)
    - first Sunday in September - Festivity of San Basilio
    - last Sunday in October - chestnut festival. Promotion of local products, tasting of typical products.

The Town

It is located in one of the most uncontaminated and striking parts of the massif of the Gennargentu, with the presence of mouflons, of the royal eagle and of interesting endemisms such as the rose of the Gennargentu.
The town is an important holiday summer and winter mountain centre.
The historical centre has an interesting architecture: building façades with shaly stones and wide wooden balconies. Worth visiting is the church of San Michele Arcangelo of the XIV century with the bell tower in late Gothic style. Inside the church one can admire the different works of art, worth noting, among which some paintings of the local painter Antonio Mura.
The naturalist monument "Su Texile" (975 m.) should be visited. It is one the most spectacular blocks (tacco) in the whole of Barbagia; it has the shape of a mushroom and is raised in a solitary position surrounded by a lot of vegetation.
Parish church of San Michele Arcangelo

The parish church of San Michele Arcangelo
View of Aritzo

View of Aritzo


In the Middle ages it was part of the Arborea rulers and later on passed to the marquisate of Oristano under the Aragonese and Spanish governments, but the story of the town dates back to the Neolithic era, as the domus de janas of Forros and some giants' demonstrate.

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