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The museum of Atzara


    INHABITANTS: 1.350
    HEIGHT: 530 metres above sea level.
    SURFACE: 35, 81 sq. Km.
    - Second Sunday in May: wine festival and Festa di Sant'Isidoro
    - 22 August: rural festivity of Santa Maria
    - 13 November: Festivity of Sant'Antioco, the patron saint of the town

The parish of Sant'Antioco in Gothic-Aragonese style of the XV century
Foreshortenings of the town

The Town of Atzara

Quaint village of medieval origin it is part of a landscape rich of hills, prevalently vineyards from which a very esteemed black wine " Mandrolisai " is made.
It still preserves the original uban plan with the typical Catalan influence architecture.
Atzara is famous for having given hospitality in the first half of last the century to the Spanish "costumbristi" painters Eduard Chicharro, Antonio Ortiz Echagüe, Bernardo De Quiros and the Sardinian painters Filippo Figari, Antonio Ballero, Giuseppe Biasi and for being Antonio Corriga's birthplace, greatest living Sardinian painter.
Worth visiting are the Parish of Sant'Antioco in Gothic-Aragonese style dating to the XV century with at the centre of its façade a beautiful rose window in trachytic stone; inside can be seen two interesting wooden altars in baroque style and a wooden statue of the virgin Mary dating to the XVI century.The local handicraft is rich and blooming; the carpet production is renowned and valued.

The parish of Sant'Antioco in Gothic-Aragonese style of the XV century

Historical News

In the past it was part of the old rulers of Arborea, subsequently it passed to the Marchesato of Oristano, to the crown of Aragona, to the Reign of Spain and finally to the Reing of Savoy.

Foreshortenings of the town

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