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The town of Desulo

  • DESULO - Ethnographic Museum
    "Casa Montanaru"

    ADDRESS: Via Montanaru. Tel. 0784/619624-619415
    OPENING TIMES: On appointment
    TICKET PRICE: On offering
    NUMBER OF VISITORS: About 3000 a year
    MANAGEMENT: Planning and scientific department run by the cultural Association "Amici del museo di Desulo"
    OPENING YEAR: November 1995
    MUSEUM SURFACE: 230 sq.m.
    NUMBER OF ROOMS: 9 on 3 levels
    NUMBER OF FINDS: 2000 different types of pieces. 1500 volumes.
    ORIGIN OF FINDS: Donations, personal furniture belonging to Antioco Casula.
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Ethnographic Museum
"Casa Montanaru"

is located in the home of the well-known poet Antioco Casula called "Montanaru". The most representative objects of the local economy (agro-pastoral-mountanous) ) and 1500 volumes that compose the personal library of the homonymous poet are exposed freely.

The Museo Etnografico

" Casa Montanaru " has a typical "desulese" style architecture, it is not very big
and has spacious interiors.
Externally bears the eaves in
worked wood and the front
has a rustic plaster rustic
and some geometric drawings.


He was born in Desulo in1878 and died in 1957. He is considered the greatest lyric poet in Sardinian language. After having gone to high school in Cagliari for two years and three in boarding school in Lanusei he stopped studying. At the age of 18 he enroled as an officer in the "Carabinieri". He then left military life and lived modestly in Desulo, first as a postal officer and then as a teacher.
In 1909 he married and had two children. His family happiness lasted a short time: in 1914 his eldest son died and two years later his young wife died of an incurable illness.
From an early age he wrote poems in Sardinian language becoming a close friend of many intellectuals of the time as for example Sebastiano Satta, Francesco Ciusa, Giuseppe Dessì.
In 1925 he represented Sardinia in Milan at the first national congress of Italian dialects.
Within his published works in Sardinian language one must not forget the 4 volumes of poetry: Boghes from Barbagia (Voices from Barbagia) in 1904, Canticos d'Ennargentu (songs of the Gennargentu) in 1922, Sos cantos de sa solitudine (the singings of solitude) in 1934 and Sa Lantia (the lamp) in 1950.
After the publication of his poetry collection "Canticos di Ennargentu" he was considered by all the critics one of the greatest Sardinian poets.

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