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The town of Desulo

  • DESULO - Ethnographic Museum
    "Casa Montanaru"

    ADDRESS: Via Montanaru. Tel. 0784/619624-619415
    OPENING TIMES: On appointment
    TICKET PRICE: On offering
    NUMBER OF VISITORS: About 3000 a year
    MANAGEMENT: Planning and scientific department run by the cultural Association "Amici del museo di Desulo"
    OPENING YEAR: November 1995
    MUSEUM SURFACE: 230 sq.m.
    NUMBER OF ROOMS: 9 on 3 levels
    NUMBER OF FINDS: 2000 different types of pieces. 1500 volumes.
    ORIGIN OF FINDS: Donations, personal furniture belonging to Antioco Casula
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The Ethnographic Museum
"Casa Montanaru"


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The shepherd
several objects and instruments are exposed. The collection consists of a series of wood and metal tools for the making of the cheese.

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The sawyer and the forest
the forest has been a natural resource for the economy of the mountain towns

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The cobbler
table for complete work: pegging awl, skiving knife, pliers… instruments that characterize the exercise of this old job.

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The blacksmith
there are many evidences of the blacksmith's work indicating his support to other sectors and services in general with work in wrought iron, locks and various other material.

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The carpenter - mason
numerous instruments refer to this very interesting figure of great professionalism. The carpenter-mason was considered as the artisan able to think, create and mend.

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Su biccalinna
wooden instruments that have made the "is camminantes" famous around the whole island. These people were wayfares that traded the local mountain products "is truddas" (ladles) and "is taggeris" (chopping boards).

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